How I really got into this

A while back, I came across a question while playing this random Buzzfeed quiz—“What’s Your Aesthetic?” To be honest, I didn’t know what to choose. There was a picture of a sunset near the beach, the picture of a sunrise beaming out a window with tall buildings, a picture of a rather bright room with minimalistic designing and then there was this picture. The picture above. I instantly knew that this was going to be my “aesthetic” but when I questioned myself as to why this picture? That’s when I realised, that I loved nature. I loved it so much. I loved tall mountains and grass and tall trees that cover either side of the long road as you drive through it. The whole concept of aesthetic changed somewhere in my mind. I searched up some pictures of my “aesthetic” and soon realised that I loved being around trees and mountains. It really became a part of me. That’s when I started observing every single tree I’d pass while going to my tuitions, school or any other place. I’d be lost, listening to music and staring at trees—my family thought I might end up insane, because every time I looked at a tree I’d click “aesthetically pleasing” pictures of it. I’d look back at some and realise that such a simple yet brilliant piece of nature—has gotten such little recognition..! Hell, people are burning these beauties down. That’s when I first wrote my poem on nature and that is how I got pulled into the world of poetry. Now, every single weird obsession of mine, has been written on. Yes, Justin Bieber included.

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